Then and Now: I still love books

1999 and 2014

Can you tell I like to read? This is my third post in my 31 Day Challenge about books. (My new Job and What I’ve read this year)

One of my favorite summer activities when I was little was going to the library. Our tiny country school opened the library once a week for a few hours during the summers. I knew that little room and all its books by heart. I could almost find and shelve books faster than the teacher. I read as many horse books as possible, and even branched out in to the fiction side of the library to read about Seabiscuit and the California Gold Rush. Nowadays I work at the library and it’s perfect!

There are books in almost every room of our home: cookbooks on top of the fridge, shelves full in the living room and office, and stacks next to the bed. There is always something to entertain and learn in a room full of books.

Books even determine my favorite Disney Princess: Belle,of course, because the Beast gifted her that amazing library.

Also this makes me happy in so many ways…

I hope you all had a lovely start to your week!


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