Old Photographs

I have two collections. Old photographs and vintage skeleton keys. My key collection isn’t very exciting. I only have one really awesome key, but have about a dozen old photographs.

I try to be careful when I go into antique stores because I could easily leave with 50+ old photos, but then each one wouldn’t be special. I had to give myself some guidelines for collecting photos: 1. It has to be black and white or sepia. 2. It can’t cost more than a dollar (unless it’s really awesome, but still) 3. It has to tell me a story/I have to really love it.

I love the mystery behind these photos. Who were these people? What was their life like? What was so special about that moment in time that they had to have it photographed? Who was taking the picture? Why were these photos “abandoned” in some dusty corner of a antiques store?

These photos are forgotten people, forgotten memories that I will never know.

I hang my collection over my desk where their mystery inspires me. Someday I’d like to write a book of short stories with these pictures, or at least a blog series, so that these forgotten people can have a new life.




3 thoughts on “Old Photographs

  1. Becca-interesting…We have a basket of old keys that my mom had collected. We have put some of our old keys with it. We should have tagged each key with a story! And then there is a button framed picture in the attic of some relatives in late 1800 clothes. What shall I do with that? I was told they were relatives but I don’t know who they are. Should we just make up a good tale about them?

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