Rainbow Pony: A Childhood Memory

As a child I loved books, horses, and visits to grandma’s house (which often included trips to the bookstore and visiting the horses across the street). One thing I did not love was the three hour car ride to get to grandma’s house. Of course you can imagine the kind of pain in the butt me and my younger sister were at age 8 and 6 in the car for that long.

Grandma usually met us halfway, we’d have lunch with mom and dad and then hop in her car for our “grandma camp” week. Now, my grandma use to be a librarian and she has always been full of stories. She doesn’t think she is very creative (and maybe she isn’t so good with a glue stick and scissors 😉 )but she knows how to keep two little horse crazy rascals quiet in the car for an hour and a half.

Rainbow Pony and friends (completely different from My Little Ponys) lived in a secret and magical valley where they had many fun adventures that always ended with a good lesson. I can’t remember any of the specific stories anymore, except there was one with a river and Rainbow pony rescuing a friend… and Rainbow Pony was a white pony with a colorful mane and each of his friends were only one color.

Anyway, those car rides could have been the worst but they were the best! We were always super excited and begged for a story. I even dressed up as Rainbow Pony for Halloween one year (MOM, do you have that picture?)

I love you Grandma! Feel free to write down any stories you remember! 🙂


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