Bucket List

I missed writing for the 31 Day Challenge yesterday, so I will just have to make up for it today! This morning I’m sharing some of the things on my “bucket list” and later this afternoon look out for a post on a favorite childhood memory!

I think it is important to have goals. I always set goals/resolutions each year (whether or not I actually follow through on all of them is another thing…) and I have a running list of things I’d like to do in my life time. Here is a sample of the list, I have a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to this if you want to see more!

  • Be a Mom. I can’t wait to have kids! Also, I’d like to adopt at least one child. Adoption “runs” in my family. My uncle, dad, and youngest sister are all adopted. Every child needs a loving home and someday I want to provide that for a least one.
  • Read one biography on each American President. It’s important to know our  history! And it’s embarrassing how little I know of it. I have a friend who did this and she loved how much she learned and the new perspective she had on government. She also said that every new President should be required to read all the other president’s biographies so they didn’t repeat history.
  • Run a half marathon. I ran the 100m dash, 100m hurdles and the 4×4 relay in college, and begrudgingly ran 5K races to stay in shape. Running over three miles is scary but I want to try…someday.

  • Visit every continent. How cool would that be? Really, I just want to travel all over. First Europe, like Ireland and Scotland, and then Korea, Russia, and New Zealand. 
  • Learn to play the guitar. I’ve been practicing on and off for a few years whenever I could borrow a guitar from someone. Really, I just need my own so I can practice regularly. 
  • I was that horse crazy little girl. If I got into trouble, mom would take away my horse book as punishment (spankings and timeouts didn’t work half as well). I not nearly so crazy now, but I still want to ride free on the beach! 

Visit my Before I Die board for more! Many of them have to do with traveling 🙂


<—Read yesterday’s 31 Day’s Post:The Story of my Life.

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