Lovely Rainy Day at the Library

I love cooler rainy fall days! They are rare here in central Texas, but the last two days have been gloriously drippy, gray, and fresh.

I wish I had had more time to be out in it, either running or listening to it patter against the porch roof of a coffee shop. But I’m really happy to be here in the library today!

First Day Selfie (last week)

I’ve learned a lot the last two weeks, and I have one more week before the “training wheels” are taken off. I really like it here! Management works with us to make scheduling easy and to ensure we have lives outside of work, my coworkers are so sweet and helpful, and I love helping students! (of course there will eventually come a hard, irritating client. This is a customer service job after all.)

I’m not a librarian, technically. I do work in the library, but you need a special degree to be an actual librarian. In the looser definition of the word, I am a librarian in that I work here and help people find things in the library- so generally I don’t correct people, but so you all know I am a Staff Member in Liaison Services at Baylor Central Libraries. A shorter version: I’m a supervisor. I am/will be in charge of student workers who man the help desks in the library as well as assisting clients with their library needs. It’s great!

Working here often means there is time to read, write, do homework/study, between helping clients. I’m actually blogging here at the library now and I brought a book my boss gave me to read that will help me learn more about my job. I enjoy doing my own thing but I really love it when I am “interrupted” by a student asking for help- that’s what I’m here for! I love helping people solve problems and find what they need. This is the perfect job for me!

In the spirit of library work, tomorrow I’ll be back with the books I’ve read so far this year! Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday!


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