Food: My Unhealthy Idolization of A Necessity

I wrote this post back in January and it is a problem I’m still dealing with. I’ll be honest, I have not kept up consistently with the goals I set for myself in this post- I am still a work in progress! Praise God, He is not done with me yet!

Food. We love food. We gather around it. We use it to celebrate. We make up reasons to celebrate so that we can have more of it.

Food is a necessity and in itself it is a good thing. We need food to live!

My Problem:

But for me food has become a problem. I’m not anorexic, or bulimic, I don’t binge or anything like that. My problem is pretty typical, too much of the wrong foods. Big portions, too much fried and sweet, and not enough exercise.

I don’t think I’m fat, but the extra weight I gained after getting married does effect my confidence and I know I’m not healthy. I’ve tried various diets, tried to be disciplined with food and exercise, but I’ve always gained the weight back.

The big problem is that this is a deeper problem. Food is my idol.

“Expecting anything outside the…

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