Capturing Life- My love for Photography

Photography is a hobby and a ministry for me. I love capturing life for others! Life is so beautiful!

Being a self taught photographer is difficult but way fun. And it’s great for my friends and family because I always want to practice on them.

I’ve pretty much always been the one to volunteer to hold the camera and my old point-and-shoot went everywhere with me (until the ocean killed it…). But my photography really got started two years ago when my hubby surprised me with a Canon Rebel! Happy dance for daaaays! I spent that year forcing myself to learn how to shoot manually and volunteering myself to friends free of charge so I could practice.

Last summer my mom pretty much volunteered me to do a couple’s engagement pictures and wedding day. (cue crazy nerves and hours of Pinterest research). I bought a nicer lens, took friends out for more practice and it all went well!


This last year my photographs have definitely improved as I’ve learned more about my camera, lenses, editing program, light, angles, etc. Photography is so fun for me! I don’t think I will ever try to make it into a business but I love being able to offer decent photography for free/donation. Using my artistic gift to love others is such a blessing to me!

My most recent shoot was for Lil Theo. I haven’t finished editing his photos yet but y’all get a sneak peak here!!! (also I post sneak peaks on my Facebook page, so you can follow me there! )


Head over to my Photography blog for full photo shoot posts! There are lots of pretty faces to see. 🙂

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