The Cat Post

Inspired by my conversation with Heather from Recollected Design yesterday, you all get to meet my cat, Watson. So if you don’t care about other people’s pets, no worries, I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more of Life of Me.


We found Watson on Craigslist the day we moved to Texas, called the next day, and picked her up the day after that. We were so excited to finally have a pet!


We named her (yes she is a girl) Watson because i love Sherlock, Elementary and all the books. Someday we will get a pet fox and name him Sherlock. :p

She is not a lap cat, and she pretends she doesn’t like us most of the time. but she watches for us out the window and greets us at the door, she follows us from room to room and likes to sleep on our feet at night. Except when she makes an exception for my husband…

It’s amazing the sanity a pet can bring. Those first few months in Texas were very lonely for me because Jeff was at school all day and I didn’t have a job or friends yet so I rarely left the apartment. Having a playful kitten chasing my feet and claiming empty packing boxes was so fun!

Watson is a year old now and still ridiculously playful. I’m crazy busy now with two jobs, church, and friends, but it’s always nice to come home to my Kitten. (she thinks her name is Kitten because that’s pretty much what we call her…)

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6 thoughts on “The Cat Post

  1. Awww! Hiii Watson!!! You little cutie! : ) Aren’t you just precious!
    oh and hi to you too Becca!! Thanks for the shout out! Hope your Thursday is going good!
    P.S- I vote for a fennec fox– if that’s even legal haha– they have ridiculous ears but are AdORablE!!!

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