Favorite Recipe

Happy Sunday y’all! Just popping in to share a few of my favorite recipes!

Now, I’m a pretty patient person, but I’m an impatient cooker. So these recipes are quick, easy and yummy! I save all the long hard recipes for my hubby, who finds it relaxing.

Pesto Pasta with Sausage and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I am not a vegetable person. I like bread, sugar, coffee, and some fruit, but really I would live off the first three if I could. That is until I decided to be all grown up and try new vegetables and fell in love with brussels sprouts. Insane.

This is a weekly meal in our house. It’s actually what Jeff will make me when I’ve had a bad day (followed by dessert of course) and I’m eating leftovers of it right now!

source: gimmesomeoven

I’m just going to send you over to Gimme Some Oven for the recipe! That’s where I first found it and fell in love. In my laziness I’ve made it even quicker (ie. use leftover macaroni…), but her way is the tastiest.


Pumpkin Spice Creamer

I love coffee, sugar, everything fall, and saving money. This recipe is soooo yummy I could drink it straight! And it’s way better than the pumpkin pie creamer I just bought yesterday at the grocery store. It only takes like 5 minutes, will last in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, but mine is used up way sooner. 😉

source: Spring Mount Six Pack

I’m going to send you over to Spring Mount Six Pack for this recipe. The only thing I do differently is I put everything in a bowl and whisk it, then pour it into a mason jar or plastic Coffee Mate container I saved.


The Baked Brownie

Okay, these are the best homemade brownies I’ve ever made. They do require some patience and a little time, but they are so very worth it! Brownies are my favorite dessert by the way, if anyone was wondering and wanted to make me some…

source: Baked in Arizona

I’m sending you over to Baked in Arizona for this amazing recipe.


Have a restful Sunday Y’all!

Love, Sun, Friends


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