Our Love Story

It all started way back in middle school. Jeff and I would play basketball together before class, or rather, I’d join all the boys in the gym to play basketball because I thought Jeff was cute. 8th grade year we spent a lot of time together, becoming really good friends and then October 27, 2005, freshman year, he asked me to be his girlfriend. 🙂

Our first real date was our sophomore homecoming dance. Because we couldn’t drive yet his dad converted the van into a “limo” complete with candles, candy, sparkling cider and the dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite playing on a laptop.

We were busy kids in high school.  We supported and cheered each other on in our various activities. He played the saxophone in band, played #1 on the tennis team, and ran cross country along side his ministries like young life. I played soccer, ran cross country and track and sang in the choir and the youth group band. Our favorite date activities were swimming at the neighbors pool, reading the Lord of the Rings together and playing whatever sport together.

We ended up going to the same college- Corban University- running both cross country and track together as well as being Resident Assistants in our dorms. In college our favorite dates were reading The Lord of the Rings (it took us a really long time to finish!), watching Lost, going for walks, and just being together.

We dated for six years, going through many good times and some really hard times together. And by hard times I mean dealing with the crap the world threw at us, i.e. church splits and family deaths.

The summer before our sophomore year of college, we went hiking with our families to Tamolich Pool where he proposed and I, of course said yes amid tears and cheers from our family and the other hikers. (full story HERE)

That next year was the craziest year ever. We of course went back to Corban for our sophomore year where we both ran Cross country and Track, we were both RA’s in the dorms, classes and homework, with the madness that is wedding planning thrown on top. I don’t think I slept much but it was one of my favorite years. Our favorite dates while engaged were watching LOST together and reading in cozy downtown coffee shops.

We were married on July 23, 2011 out at my family’s house in the woods where I grew up. It was the perfect day- sunny and warm with all of our friends and family surrounding us with love, prayers and well wishes. (if that wasn’t enough wedding pictures for you, check them out HERE.)

Being married is the best. We still date each too. Life gets so busy with work and school, family and friends that it is important to intentionally spend time together. Right now our favorite dates are going for walks in Cameron Park, watching Parks and Rec, and going to movies at the cheap theater.

I’m so blessed to have this man as my best friend, lover, and leader. The last three years have been wonderful and I’m excited to see what the future hold for us. I love you Jefferson ❤

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7 thoughts on “Our Love Story

    1. Wow, tiny wedding! My parents live in the country so we crammed a lot of people on to the lawn. ;p It was such a fun day, though sometimes I wish it had been smaller so I could have talked to everyone!

      1. Yeah it was actually a second wedding for me … and a first for him and he just wasn’t into crowds! And since I’d planned one many years before I was kind of over it too! (I didn’t get to talk to all the folks either at the first- nor did I remember much of the ceremony so I feel your pain on that one!) So we kept it very intimate this time between us and God. : )

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