Planning for Fall

Okay, it seems totally strange that I would be posting about fall so early, especially since Texas doesn’t really have an autumn season. Buuut, my little head has been mulling over how I’m going to bring fall to my home despite the 100* weather. So here are some things that have inspired me lately and will be making an appearance (in some form or another) in this little apartment.

I can’t wear cable-knit sweaters in this heat but I’m loving this crochet bunting in fall colors! Definitely going to start on this project! tumblr_mg8o9b1BBP1r0ghlno1_1280

I really like these pillows! I have some burlap and iron-on transfer paper that will make this project easy!


I have one large lantern that I think would look great on the table with candles and pumpkins ❤

This picture just makes me happy, and I think I have everything in it, somewhere….


These will be making another appearance, I made them last year when I couldn’t find cheap REAL white pumpkins.

I’m obsessed with blackboard paint, now why haven’t I  used it on pumpkins yet? Oh, and I think that pompom garland is adorable!


I love yarn and felt and all things cozy. This fall wreath made out of felt rosettes is super inspiring. I’m thinking a few yellow flowers would be just the right fall transformation for my blue burlap wreath…unless i find a stick one at the thrift shop…

The dinner timer is going off! I must go for now! 🙂


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