Top 5 Posts

Hey ya’ll! I just launched a new Facebook page for Making Life Beautiful! I’d love for you to come hangout with me there as well! It will be a great spot to stay up to date with what’s happening around here since I FB post more often then writing a full blog post. You’ll see exclusive pictures, thoughts and ideas, so go check it out and like it!

To celebrate I’m sharing with you my Top 5 Most Visited Posts and My Top 5 Favorite Posts!

Top 5 Most Visited Posts

  1. DIY Marquee Letters 
  2. Thrifting and Money Saving Tricks 
  3. DIY Purse Strap Cushion 
  4. The 12 Days of Christmas ( this one was a 12 day series, this was the most viewed post in the lot)
  5. Make the Space Feel Bigger (post 9 out of a 30 day decorating series) 

My Top 5 Favorite Posts

  1. This personal post where I got real about my food issues : My Unhealthy Idolization of a Necessity 
  2. Pinterest With a Purpose (another post about taming my obsessions)
  3. Homemade Landry Soap (that I really love and use every week!)
  4. All of my Mood Boards (design idea collages) 
  5. Tell Yourself the Truth (Where I share about what I’ve been learning)

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