some late night thoughts on being “all grown up.”

When are we finally all grown up?

When we survive puberty and all its hairy stinky awkwardness?

When we can drive?

When we graduate high school?

When we can vote?

When we can drink?

When we graduate college?

When we get a steady job?

When we get married?

When we have kids?

When our kids move out?

When we retire?

When are we really all grown up?

Growing up is a process starting in the womb and ending at the grave. There is always something new to learn, another thing to improve in ourselves, another life milestone to pass by. So what’s the point?

Are you focused solely on milestones or are you focused on life? Are you making your life count for eternity or just waiting to be “all grown up” first?

Christ wants to use you and me now! Don’t fool yourself into thinking you need to be able to drive, have a job, be married or have more time before He can use you. God likes to use the weak, the unlikely, the underdog to do great things because it shines His glory that much more.


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