Living Room Progress

Jeff and I have lived here for nearly a year and just signed another lease. To celebrate I completely rearranged  the living room.

BEFORE PIC (a few months after we moved in. It stayed basically like this the whole year, then…)IMG_5357




I could have cleaned things up more, but I like small glimpses into the lives of the bloggers I follow so here’s some of my mess: Coffee Table Tray helps corral the everyday clutter and the Chicken Wire Key Hooks by the door act as our drop zone with a vintage dynamite crate below for shoes.

Many of my projects aren’t finished yet but things are really starting to feel more like I wanted.

Things to do:

  • find a rug (i really want a cowhide rug…someday)
  • finish curtains: a whole blog post (or two) of it’s own and COMING SOON!
  • upholster coffee table
  • gray slipcover for couch (IKEA)
  • white(?) slipcover for wingback chair
  • finish bookpage wall (started back in October…embarrassing)
  • paint or fabric to spruce up TV bookshelves

In other news, I also switched things around in the kitchen. I am loving the new curtains I hung between the living and dinning rooms-it really helps to define the spaces.IMG_7057


2 thoughts on “Living Room Progress

  1. Looks beautiful, Becca! Looks all new! Jeff will be used to it before beginning the long school, study, and work hours – when he comes home late. ;o) Loves, Mimi

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