Temporary Guest Room

I love hosting be it parties, Bible studies, overnight guests, or a friend for coffee. Living in a small two bedroom apartment can make hosting difficult but not impossible.

In the last year we have hosted both sets of our parents and a few siblings on different occasions. When our elders visit, Jeff and I gladly give up our big bed and camp out in the office. Little Siblings are different; they get the air mattress. I obviously still want our siblings to feel welcome, comfortable and like they have their own space while they visit. Here’s how I made up the office recently when my little sister paid us a visit from Oregon.2014_ 5_19_22_49 (2)

I made up her bed with nice sheets, a cozy comforter, and made sure there were plenty of extra blankets around if she wanted them.



The bed needed a “headboard” to help it look like it wasn’t just thrown there- a ribbon pinned to the wall and draped with vintage doilies did the trick. And of course I had to use my Beauty and the Beast guest pillow!

IMG_6934A side table was also needed. I pulled a vintage crate from another room and topped it with some polka dotted wrapping paper. I set out reading light, granny square for a coaster, frames, magazines and a Bible all within easy reach. IMG_6930IMG_6957


Then I cleared off my desk and put away the chair so that she would have somewhere to put all her things.IMG_6939 I left out a fan in case it was too hot for her (Texas ya know) and put out a cute tray with some nice things: flowers, mints, a candle and matches, tissues, the wifi password and a souvenir Texas  soap.

Rachel loved her cute little room (that still functioned as Jeff’s office during the day time when Rach wasn’t needing it) and we had such a blast together! I can’t wait to host my sister Abby in a few days and eventually my bestie- of course I’ll switch up the temporary guestroom decor for each of them! To stay in the loop with those updates (because we all know I’m awful at regularly posting here) follow my Instagram at beccalforrest!





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