My Superhero

At some point in every kid’s life they find out Dad can’t change the stoplight by snapping his fingers and he isn’t bigger than all the other dads.  Having the strength to carry a toddler innumerable paces through the store or being able to leap the tallest Lego towers aren’t the only things that make dad a Superhero- it’s the example he sets, it’s the love he gives, it’s the daily sacrifice to provide for his family monetarily and by being present.

I’m all grown up and married now, but my dad is still my superhero.


I was blessed with a dad who…

  • always wanted to spoil me, but knew the importance of not giving me everything.
  • taught me the importance of hard work through example and making me help stack wood.
  • daily seeks after The Lord and prays for his children.
  • apologized to his kids when he was wrong.
  • loves my mamma and sets a good example for married life.
  • is always there for me. I know that he’ll be here if I need him, even though I’m 2,000 miles away.
  • taught me the humor in a good poop joke and that pulling fingers is dangerous.
  • showed me meekness is not weakness.
  • loved me unconditionally (even though I’m pretty sure I gave him some gray hairs during my teenage years.)

Everyone says it, but seriously, I have the best dad ever. Seriously serious. 😉

Blink Blink Blink


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