Going Back to Shampoo

I spent the last 15 days washing my hair without shampoo or conditioner. It was hard, frustrating, and I cheated on Easter because it was so bad and there was no way I was showing up with obviously greasy hair (like standing up on its own greasy).

However, I like how my hair is feeling now. Day 15 and it is starting to look normal. It feels much less stiff and greasy and I know if i stuck it out for a full month my hair would adjust completely.

So why am I returning to shampoo? I’m tired of spraying cold water on my head in the morning (although it does help wake me up), I’m impatient and it takes longer than I’d like to wash my hair (but I’m seriously impatient about it. It takes me 5-6 minutes to wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar), and I want to wear my hair down again. I’ve been wearing it up in a pony tail for 2 weeks which is not my favorite look nor is it easy with how short my hair is.

So long story short: I’m impatient and shampoo is convenient.

The baking soda method totally works and I’ll probably use it again in the future to re-set or “detox” my hair, but for now I’m going back to my yummy smelling shampoos.


2 thoughts on “Going Back to Shampoo

  1. Becca I don’t know if you saw my comment on Instagram, but if you want convenience but still want chemical free/SLS free products, all the Trader Joes shampoo/conditioners are and they are just over $3 each. I’ve been loving the Honest Company shampoo/conditioner, probably more than TJ’s, but it’s just more expensive (around $10/bottle). You can buy a 2-pack of the shampoo/body wash at Costco for like $15 but then you don’t have conditioner… Or if you’re buying other Honest Company supplies you can get a bundle discount and sometimes email coupons and spend around $5-7 each… Also Vitacost.com is a great website to get health products from for cheap.

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