Beauty in the Mundane Everyday

When life gets mundane it’s really easy for me to space off and dream about what-ifs and future wishes. I forget about the here and right now. There is beauty in everyday.

I tend to rush through life, jumping to the next fun thing. “That’s my wife!” Jeff often says as I throw ice cream in the cart or set up another coffee date just as we’ve left a party . I think this is a good quality. I love making life fun and loving on those around me through it.

The unfortunate side effect of this planning trait is I get lost in wishing, hoping and dreaming of someday.

An apartment with a balcony someday.

Oh, I need to finish that art project…maybe this week?

I can’t wait to have a dog to go running with.

Won’t it be fun to paint our very own house!

I sit there forgetting I love the park next to our apartment, that I could do that art project right now, I probably should stop stalling and go running, and decorating our home now is fun and important.

Today is one of those mundane days, in a normal week, with a whole lot of same ol’ same ol’ in the near future. BUT it only feels boring because I forgot to notice those things I found so wonderful at first!

Monday April 28th, 2014: I woke up and made coffee and let it massage my sleepy eyes awake. On my way to shower I stopped to watch my husband sleep and enjoyed the fact that we are married and live together. I listened to uplifting worship music on my way to work and made a joyful (perhaps not pretty) noise. Work wasn’t really work: I loved the heavy warmth of the baby as I rocked him for an hour as his sweet eyes fought nap time. I loved sitting under the slide with the two year old pointing out petals, stems, and roots. I loved seeing the mom relax as she got to sit and let me clean up for once. I loved getting to love this family. I even enjoyed going to the grocery store today- people watching and picking up a discounted chocolate Easter bunny to surprise Jeff with. When I got home, even though piles of laundry and dishes threatened to overwhelm me, I noticed with pleasure that I haven’t killed my house plant yet and it actually seems quite happy on my coffee table. Kitten greeted me at the door and snootily put up with my cuddles and cooing and Jeff even made me dinner today.

Looking back there were so many ordinary moments that were so special and worth remembering and dwelling on in my day.

I need to  be more thankful for the mundane beauty all around me.


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