Hidden Cat Box

One of my Big To-Dos is crossed off the list! YAY! If you remember, I posted a couple of times about how cool this cat box idea was. We finally made one of our own back in January and I’m still extremely happy with it. It is so nice to not see the litter box anymore!



And it serves as extra storage and a coffee station! YESSSSSS!

After watching Craigslist for a few months, with nothing suitable or cheap enough coming up, I  bought these two stack-able Closetmaid units at Target (on sale of course with their Cartwheel app). I think I spent about $50 on everything.

BEFORE assembling the pieces, I had my awesome hubby cut a hole in the side panel big enough for Watson. We didn’t have the right tools for the job, or friends with tools nearby, so we made a few holes with the drill and used a drywall handsaw and a whole lot of muscle. (I saw we, but it was all Jeff) 🙂

Then I assembled the cabinet and shoe shelf, stacked them and put them where that white shelf is in the above picture.


The cabinet was too skinny for a typical litter box, so I bought a $3 clear storage container that fit perfectly. I put a cheap cooling rack (for baking) in front of the cat door so excess litter would stay in the cabinet and not on her paws.


On the upper shelves I store canned goods and in the fabric bin I store our Tupperware. I love having a little extra storage in our little apartment!


So there you go, a cheap and stylish way to hide away the litter box!



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