Laundry Room Make Over

Decorating an apartment is difficult. I can’t do anything permanent and I always feel like I need more storage places to feel better organized. Way back in October I had a optimistic plan for how I was going to decorate and organize this cramped, complicated space: 

You can sort of see below a makeshift pantry I made in the laundry closet with a rolling cart and crates. It wasn’t very study and it took up a lot of space while not being very organized. And this was pre-cat cabinet as you can tell from the litter box in the corner. I have yet to blog about this wonderful cabinet- but you’ll love it. (see a teaser picture of what I’m talking about HERE.)
IMG_6491  Buying all that shelving I wanted in my drawing was too expensive for our limited budget so I went searching on Amazon and in my own stuff to find solutions.

You may remember these mattress springs from an Instagram post- I got them for FREE off Craigslist. I love that it is cute and handy. It’s hard to tell but there is about a foot of space between the wall and the back of the washers so any shelving would have been hard to reach back there. I plug in the lights on laundry day and it makes the chore just a bit more fun!

IMG_6661To the left side I installed (with the help of my handy husband) a wire shelving system I found on Amazon for under $20. I’m planning to get one more to put on the door eventually because space is still limited. I also want two of these, or something like them.


To the right I hung some cleaning supplies. I’d like some sort of shelf over there too.

IMG_6659Do you remember when I made homemade laundry detergent? It’s been almost five months of using it and I love it! I’ve used maybe a 1/5 of what I made, clothes are always clean and smell good, and we haven’t had any problems with allergic reactions (but then we never have.) This stuff is way cheaper than buying a new bottle every few months and it’s so much prettier in its glass container. I’m never going back! (Here’s the original post and recipe) IMG_6657This little room is still a work in progress, but that’s okay since we plan on being here for at least the next year if not two. Now I’m off to do laundry! IMG_6663Like the signs I hung in my laundry closet? I printed them for free off of various blogs! Find them all HERE.







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