Oh Hi

You know how everyone older than you always talk about how time moves faster the older you get? It’s true. I can’t believe I haven’t written for a month!

In my defense I have been very busy, but it has been a fun busy!

I’m still in love with my job as a nanny. I seriously look forward to seeing my kids and families everyday, and on the rare day I don’t it’s only because I’m sick or coffee deprived and one sweet smile from my littles cures that (ok, and swinging by Starbucks on the way over).

I wasn’t grumpy at all this particular day, Starbucks just sounded great.

My parents spent five days with us over spring break which was amazing! I had so much fun setting up our bedroom to be a sweet little guestroom (Hubby and I camped out in the office on an air mattress), I’m kicking myself for not getting pictures! One day people, one day I will get good at this blogging stuff. I did get a few pictures from our adventures to the George W. Bush Presidential Library, tour of Baylor’s campus, and long walks. For the most part we just enjoyed being together and chatting in our cozy living room.

I haven’t done much by way of crafts and decorating lately because of work and making sure everything was clean when my parents visited. BUT we did finish the Cat Cabinet/ Coffee station. I just need to get some proper photographs and I’ll post a DIY how-to asap! Here’s a teaser :


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