Microwave Magic

One of the worst things to burn in a microwave is popcorn. A few days ago a faulty bag smoked up our whole apartment and left the microwave coated in burnt oil and butter. Yuk!
We managed to get the burnt smell out of the apartment after a day or two but the problem couldn’t be fully fixed until I got the microwave cleaned up (Because not only was it nasty in there, every time we used it the apartment smelled burnt). My picture doesn’t do justice to the nastiness of this appliance.

Enter Becca’s Magic Microwave Solution! (In other words, just some awesome cheap cleaning supplies)

Pour a 1/2 cup of vinegar and a dash or two of lemon juice in a microwave safe bowl.

Stick it in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Wipe away the mess!

Dip your rag into the bowl for the tougher spots- careful it’s really hot!!!

When you’re done with the microwave, use the left over solution to wipe up your stove top and other kitchen surfaces! I love this because it’s cheap, food and kid safe!

Ahhh, so much better. Not perfect, but as perfect as an apartment microwave is going to get.






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