Pinterest with Purpose

I want Pinterest to be a fun tool for me and not a black hole for my time and creativity. So I overhauled my Pinterest page.

Like many women (or maybe I am the only one…) I was sucked into the vortex of pinning without any doing. I was up to 9,000 pins and that was embarrassing. Many of my boards are simply collections of ideas I want to hold on to but things had gotten out of hand. So I spent a couple days deleting useless boards and pins that I didn’t like anymore or knew I simply would never do. I got it down to 5,000 pins, which still sounds like a lot but it feels more under control.

I’ve been using two things to keep me from heading down the rabbit hole again:

  1. My “Likes” board. Instead of mindlessly pinning everything I only remotely like and then never looking at it again I “like” all those things. Then, every so often, I go through my “likes” board with fresh eyes and delete what I don’t really like and pin what I LOVE. I try to keep my “likes” page under 100 pins.
  2. Things to Make and Try. I created this new board to be a no nonsense board. Only things I really want to make and try in the NEAR future can get added to this board. It also helps to just ask myself if I like a pin enough to put it on this board, and if not I just keep scrolling.

Here are some of the things from my newest board:

This has been on my to do list forever!
I have some boring folding chairs in need of an update.
so simple and cute! I want to do this for our front door.
I have a couple pairs of pants that need hemming. Oh the trials of shortness 🙂
This phrase moves me so much. God is so good! I wanted to make this for Christmas/Valentines Day. Once I do make it I’ll leave it up for a few weeks and then put it away for the holidays.
This is brilliant! and just what I need to organize my pantry! Now to find empty canisters…or just drink more cheap coffee…








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