Mother Knows Best

see video of song HERE. 🙂

My mother is by no means an evil witch selfishly using my magic hair to stay young for hundreds of years. (The Tangled song is just so catchy!)

My mother is beautiful and wise and funny. My mother does sing about everything everywhere as if she were in a Disney movie; not to mention the dogs, goats and cats follow her everywhere and she finds joy in even the smallest flower just like any wide-eyed innocent Disney princess.


And, darn it, she just always seems to be right! Here are 3 things that she has repeated ENDLESSLY and have stuck with me throughout the years:

1.) WATER. This was her answer to everything. Headache? here’s some water. Scraped your knee? here’s some water (and a bandaid). Had a bad day? Here’s some water, come tell me about it. Broken out in pimples? How much water have you been drinking?

Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Water is my mom’s equivalent to the Greek dad’s Windex.  But here’s the thing, she’s right. Our bodies are made up of over 70% water, therefore it doesn’t function properly if we don’t drink enough! Oh, and your brain is 85% water; no wonder my mom shoved so many glasses of water at me during my teenage years.

2.)WATCH OUT FOR CRAZIES! Mom said this to us everyday my sister and I headed out the door to school (once I was old enough to drive.) It was simply a reminder to be on guard against crazy drivers, but it applies elsewhere too. Unfortunately in this day women (men too) can’t be too careful. Mom and Dad taught us girls to have fun but to always have our eyes and wits about us, be it at school, in a parking lot, driving, or out with friends.

this is my cute middle sister Rachel
this is my cute middle sister Rachel

3.) MAKE SOMEONE SMILE TODAY! Mom usually says this right after the crazies comment or right before hanging up after a long chat. I love how her beautiful heart is revealed in this statement. Focusing on making someone else’s day brighter really improves your own mood and how others treat you. Selfless love- that’s what my mom taught me, and she learned it from the number one source, Jesus Christ.

Wedding Pictures!

My mom is so awesome. She took care of us so well, even if at times her little mantras got annoying they were nonetheless true! I’m so blessed to have such a loving mother, father and sisters and a mighty God who loves, teaches and protects us.

This is my mom and other mom (Jeff’s mom) and they are both beautiful and wise! But I’ll have to save Sherine’s wisdom for another post. I love my mommies!



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