My Healthy Journey Update

Thank you for all the positive feedback and encouragement on my last post where I reveled my heart and secret food addiction.  Having people encourage me everyday is so helpful when the road gets tough and I feel like quitting. I’m so grateful to have some great accountability partners, a supportive husband and all of you!


A few days ago I finished my first 30 Day challenge – and oh boy was it tough! I missed one workout, but I have never stuck to a challenge like that for so long so I’m going to count it as a big win. I am currently 163.5 lbs, so I’m down 5ish since the new year! This last month I gained noticeable definition in my arms and legs, and my abs are stronger for sure! (though I’ve still got a layer of chubby hiding my hard work) 🙂 The challenge I did in January is pictured below. (I did a limited amount of cardio last month.)

But I’m not done yet! There’s still 13 pounds to go and I know I haven’t really learned self control and discipline- so onward!

This is the 30 Day Challenge I’m starting tomorrow. (I gave myself a couple rest days in between challenges.) I combined a couple I found on Pinterest, made some minor adjustments, and added in cardio. If you’d like to do it with me (or just see a bigger pic), you can download and print it off here! And I highly encourage stickers! I included a column specifically for them. I’ve found that its a fun way to keep track of where I’m at in the challenge- but a check mark or a big fat sharpie line through the whole thing works too. 🙂

CaptureAnd on the non-food side of things (kinda) I’ve been talking with God a lot more, but I’d still like to be in The Word everyday. It’s a sleep problem. I’m really bad about staying up late watching shows, playing games with the hubby or whatever. Staying up late and having work at 8:30 most days doesn’t help me get up and have quiet time with The Lord and I need it so desperately! I want so badly to know Him better and to be like Him!

One of the things I read last week in my Proverbs 31 study was: one way to grow closer to God is to give up something permissible but not beneficial for the sole purpose of growing closer to God. Then the reflection questions asked: What is the one thing you won’t give up? and COFFEE kept flashing through my head. Dang it.

I’m on this weight-loss-get-healthy journey mostly because I want to loose the weight I gained after getting married but also because I know that God has called me to more than a life of slavery to food. I want to crave Him more than anything…yes, even more than coffee. I’ve given up coffee for the month of February for the sole purpose of growing closer to The Lord. *cue collective gasp*

I love coffee. It’s part of my morning ritual, I drink it while studying the Bible, I meet friends for a latte, I use it for an energy boost, for comfort, reward, etc. There is NOTHING wrong with coffee, but I know that I often run to coffee for needs that God can meet. Every time I have a coffee craving, or a hard morning where I’d really like a nice steamy mug of jo, I have to go to The Lord with my needs and for self control.

One week in and it’s going well. I’ve had a couple 5:30am mornings (where I was naughty and went to bed late the night before) and I resisted the coffee urge. I’m NOT saying that God is giving me super human energy. No, I am simply forced to go to Him in prayer and He provides according to His perfect plan and knowledge. 

I’m really excited about where the Lord is leading me. Honestly it’s the first time I’ve pursued Him like this- in a purposeful way, willing to give up those things I love best.

Thanks again for hanging out and supporting me! Y’all are awesome!



One thought on “My Healthy Journey Update

  1. Thank you so much for being open about your refusal to let your natural instincts override your desires to be close to Christ! You inspire me to live my life in a better way! I’ve noticed in my own life, that when I am consciously giving up things for God, I feel much closer to him. My friend Emily wrote an article about how when she was growing up her parents taught a similar principle, that through service (giving up time instead of coffee) they strengthened their relationship with Christ. I think that you would really enjoy it.

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