Texas Home Away From Home

Texas is starting to feel more like home. I think some of that has to do with the weather cooling down, but mostly because we’ve made some great friends.

I’ve come to love a few things about Texas in the short time we have lived here. (Don’t worry mom, it’s still just a temporary home, I still want to move back to Oregon!)
I love the big sky, it’s like a new piece of God’s artwork everyday. And I love the river we live next too. It’s so nice to be able to go running through the trees on a dirt path and see a heron or two.


In general the people here are nice and true Texan accents are charming. Most everyone operates on that southern hospitality idea if at least on the surface. Even if is a facade it is nice to receive smiles everywhere I go and those instances I experience true southern hospitality are wonderful.

I do have to say though that drivers down here are insane. I thought Salem was bad but you seriously have to wait 5 seconds and make sure no one os going to run the red light, “California stops” should be renamed Texan stops, and in general it seems there are too many people who don’t understand driving curtisy. I do like that highway speeds are faster here and there are more yield signs than stop signs for freeway on ramps -which is brilliant!

I love Baylor University. The campus is beautiful, the staff is sincere, and my husband is getting the quality education he needs to pursue his dream career at the Law School.


As I mentioned before, the people we’ve met and become friends with have made Waco a home: Our church and small group love and support us like a family, fellow law students , and the beautiful kids and families I get to serve as a nanny.


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