Last Month, This Month and Things to Come

Is it bad that it’s over halfway through January and I’m only just sharing our Christmas Vacation with you? I hope not! We were so blessed to be able to fly home to Oregon for two weeks over Christmas to spend time with our families and some friends. I hardly slept! I staid up late and got up at the first sounds of life in the house because I didn’t want to miss a moment of my sweet family!Even with the lack of sleep, the trip was refreshing and, though it wasn’t fun leaving Oregon, prepared us to take on the coming months of school and work before getting to see family again. We are hopeful that my parents will be coming to visit us over Spring Break!

We hit the ground running. Jeff with Law School and I had resumes to write, kids to nanny and lots of cleaning and putting the apartment back in order. I landed a second nanny job this week and it’s been keeping me busy! I’m still praying for a full time job to fully meet our budget needs but the Lord is providing in amazing ways!

I haven’t been neglecting the crafting and decorating part of life either! I’m excited to share with you the new things I’m doing, finished projects and new tutorials this year! My living room is first on the list for a mini face lift, and then my kitchen and food organization.

In other big news, I’m actually serious about getting healthy this time. I know I’ve said this in the past, but this time is really different. This time I’m not doing it on my own because I am letting the Lord change my heart and thinking about food. I’m going to save my food problem story for another post, but I wanted to share a resource that I’ve been reading. Made to Crave by Lysa Terkurst hits right at the heart of my problem. “We were made to crave God, not food!” “Food was made to be consumed, not to consume us!” Lysa Terkurst is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and they are hosting a great online Bible study going through her book starting in a couple days! If you have struggled to WANT TO get healthy (because we all know HOW, but don’t really want to) then this might be a good study for you. I will be blogging periodically on my thoughts and progress throughout the study as well as after. This is a life and heart change! Victory isn’t reaching your goal and stopping to rest- “victory is every next choice!” (quotes from Made to Crave)


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