Cleaning Out Pinterest

I’m a Pinterest addict. I love getting new ideas and finding tutorials, trying new recipes, etc.

But I’m getting a little sick of it.

(My husband will read that last line and laugh because I’m on my phone or computer way too much looking at Pins.)

I really have gotten tired of it. I jumped in  a year and a half ago and went into a pinning frenzy. Anything and everything I kinda sorta liked or maybe would want to look at eventually got a place in one of my 117 boards. But I rarely take the time to DO any of the things I pinned because there is always that thrill of what’s new?! And its too hard to find things in the my vast collection so I never use it as the resource it could be!

Earlier this month Vintage Revivals wrote a great post called Pinterest and the Pacman Problem that has inspired me to take control of my Pinterest problem.

Over the next few days (I’d like to say just tonight, but I have a bigger problem than that) I’m going to be going through my pins and boards and getting rid of things I will never do, deleting pictures that don’t inspire me any more, and getting rid of some boards (seriously, I’m already married and I have 25 wedding boards?! As much as I’d like to think it, I’m not going to be a legit wedding planner someday).

Right now I have 9,272 pins and I’m going to tame it down to (at most) 5,000. Eeek! Feel free to check on me and see if I actually did it!

Wish me luck and go read Vintage Revivals thoughts on the good and bad of Pinterest. It’s awesome.


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