Why Valentines Day Isn’t my Favorite

Hold on there, don’t freak out. I really do like celebrating love and friendship and my marriage, but I get tired of all the over-the-top frillyness, the endless mushy status updates, and Pink taking over before Christmas has had it’s day! ( I am overly partial to Christmas though.)

I’m not big into stuffed animals carrying sentimental pillows, or lace covered cards; I hate cheap Palmers chocolate, I get sick of the “single” club feeling so hipster with their Single Awareness Day, and it really bothers me when people try to make up for a year of taking others for granted in one day.

We need to show our affection every day! Don’t save it up for Valentines, let those close to you know how much they mean to you today! It is fun to use the holiday as an excuse to do something fun and out of the ordinary, but don’t make it the only day out of the year you share time and affection with your friends and family.

Now I do like pink, but in moderation, and you will find the occasional brag post about my awesome husband, but I save the overly mushy stuff for his ears only. I like stuffed animals, but I’d rather give you a hug. I like cards but I’d love a handwritten note more . And I do LOVE me some chocolate- just make it the good dark creamy kind (or a nice hot mocha).

And for all my single ladies and gents out there, well, and for you who are dating or married too, the one thing you need to remember most in this crazy season of love and passion where everyone seems to loose their heads is…

you will never be fulfilled by a relationship. Only Jesus Christ can fill that void and whether married, dating or single, in Him you are COMPLETE.

Happy soon-to-be Valentines Day! You are loved!


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