You Can’t Empty a Dry Bucket

98645974f004fa1069aa7af920e98f55I learned something life changing this Sunday. Jeff and I watched one of Mars Hill’s sermons about honoring the Sabbath and I learned many things but one that has stuck with me is that we were made to work.

I think as a society we have been taught that we deserve to relax, we deserve to have fun, and that life only happens after hours. This makes going to work even more of a drudgery. But we were made to work for six days and rest on the seventh.

Go back to Genesis, to the Garden. Adam and Eve tended the garden together- they WORKED. Before that, Adam worked at naming all the animals. Before that God worked for six days creating the world, including creating humans in His own image, and then He set an example for us by resting on the seventh day.

Then mankind sinned, we were cursed so that our work would be laborious and wouldn’t always work out easily-but we were still meant to work.

Next I learned that the day begins at night fall. I know, I know, according to our clocks the next day doesn’t begin until midnight but look at the Genesis account: “And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” Genesis 1:5b02e29f2f294e7576df7fc9c09724fcc2

This mind set of the next day beginning at sunset has been really helpful so far this week. You see, Jeff and I are notorious for staying up late, like not just 11pm, or midnight but often one or two in the morning. This means the next day we are tired and dragging but somehow we manage to stay up late every night. The analogy that helped me was you can’t empty a dry bucket. You have to fill your bucket before you can empty it out again. Or, in other words, you have to recharge your batteries before you can use an electronic device. So nightfall begins a new day, and each day I have to recharge before completing my work. Jeff and I talked about what we wanted to do about what we learned and decided to turn electronics off by 10/10:30 and get into bed where we can read until we fall asleep and get up earlier or at a normal time and be refreshed and ready for work.

Work is so much more enjoyable when I’m rested as well as mentally prepared. Just going into my day knowing that I was meant to work and to do all my work as though I was working for the Lord makes me happier, more joyful and more able to love on others instead of being tired and selfish and grumpy.

There are two types of people- Workaholics and Rest-aholics. We weren’t created to be one or the other! I’m a rester; it’s easy for me to play and procrastinate so I have to focus on working hard! Many people are workaholics though-make sure you take your one day of rest each week! Fully rest; sometimes that means being active like taking a hike or visiting friends, or maybe it means taking a nap and reading a book. However you rest best just rest!

So whether your work is being a student, or in an office, or as wife/mom/homemaker, remember that you were made to do this work so work hard and then rest hard on that seventh day! And don’t forget to take special time with Jesus on your rest day for only He can fully replenish and rest our hearts, minds and souls.




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