31 Days Wrap Up

Well, I manage to write 31 posts this month even though I wasn’t always on top of getting them out everyday. Sorry about that! i am proud of myself because I did better than last year and got a few things done this month.
And I’m not done! Sick round with me and I’ll show you the completed book page wall, my finished bathroom, a functional double duty laundry room/pantry and more fun crafts!

I thought I’d end this month going over some of my favorite posts ūüôā

It Doesn’t Have to be Pinterest Perfect was freeing to me because I’m always comparing my home to the “perfect” ones. It hinders my blogging because I think the room has to be perfect before I photograph it an it hinders my enjoyment of my own home because I’m stuck on comparisons. So no complaining if my pictures are less than perfect from now on; I’m going to give myself a break!

I made some Pretty Pumpkins this month to make up for the lack of white pumpkins here in Texas.

I gave you some ways to save money in my Craigslist and Thrift store post.

I’m still learning How to Enjoy Homemaking and appreciate the time I have to create a cozy home for my husband.

I also had fun looking around to share What Makes my Home “Homey.”

I read a fun article and it inspired me to Decorate in a More Spouse-Friendly way.

Those were some of my favorites but I felt like I touched on some really helpful ideas and topics in the last 31 Days. You can check them all out in the 31 Days menu Tab above.



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