Walls Without Paint :: Day 30

Renting usually means lots of white and not being able to paint over it. I am a neutral-pallet loving girl but all this white can make me go crazy! I shared some neutral and some colorful ways to deal with renter’s-white, but today here are some things to do to your walls with no paint!

  • In our last apartment I covered our dining room wall with burlap. I had a huge roll of it left over from my wedding so I used my staple gun and tacked it up. It was a great focal wall, contrasted with the brick fireplace well and warmed it all up.
  • Did you know you can iron fabric on to the walls? I’ve never tried it but it sounds cool!

    great tutorial here from The Brassy Apple
  • Make a blackboard wall! Blackboard walls are all the rage right now! I would love to do one in my apartment for the kiddos I nanny to play with, but I haven’t had time yet! My idea is to buy foam-core board from the dollar store, paint it with a few coats of blackboard paint and tack the boards to the wall with my trusty staple gun.
  • Make your own wall paper! In our last apartment I used an old book (it was an old out of date book I got for free) to create a head board. I ripped out some pages and used sticky-tack. I’m doing the same thing in our current apartment only I’m working on covering an entire wall in our living room.
    very simple decorating in the bedroom
    Book page headboard at Christmas in our last apartment

    This is very time consuming but I love how it is turning out!

    Our living room is definitely still a work in progress, but you can get an idea of what I’m working on with the wall in this picture. Oh, and those are the cuties I babysit.
  • You could also use gift wrap to “wall paper” a wall. I’m planning on doing that in my little laundry room and I made a headboard out of some polka-dot gift wrap I found in target’s dollar bin (I used a whole roll).

    The bedding doesn't go with the chevron burlap art but I'm working on that.
    The bedding doesn’t go with the chevron burlap art but I’m working on that.
  • There are also some cool things on the market! Vinyl letters, quotes, and even renter’s wall paper that is completely removable and re=usable! Way cool (but somewhat spendy!)!
    removable wall paper from Hygge & West

    See some more solutions to your Decorating Dilemmas in my 31 Day series HERE!



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