My Tiny Bathroom:: Day 29

Decorating a small bathroom can be challenging. There is little to no storage or counter space and it can quickly feel crowded and cluttered.

My current apartment’s bathroom is tiny, but my last was even smaller with barely enough room for a shower (think about the size of a nice RV shower-tiny) so I have a good feel for tiny bathrooms. Here are some tips:

  • STORAGE. Put it everywhere you can! Use an over the toilet shelf, cabinet below the sink, you can even hang a small shelf behind the door (like a spice rack). Another key is to keep what you have organized. Don’t hoard stuff. If you haven’t used that bottle of lotion in the last few months-toss it! It’s just taking up needed space!
  • Multi-purposed decor. I like using jars to store soaps and cotton balls above the toilet. They are easy to get to and the jars are pretty. I put sea shells in one of them as a nod to my slightly ocean themed room.
  • Don’t clutter the walls. Keep decor simple or simply useful!
  • Your SHOWER CURTAIN is the key to decorating your small bathroom. It’s big and probably the first thing people see when they go in. Make it pretty and let your shower curtain be the main decor in your bathroom as it will cut down on the decorating clutter! In my current apartment we have sliding tub doors and yellow tile. The shower curtain isn’t needed but I hung one anyway because of the decorating aspect and because I think the yellow tile is yucky,
  • Keep your counters (if you have them)cleared off except for what is needed (hand soap and toothbrush) or coral the clutter in a pretty basket.
our bathroom when we moved in: no storage besides a small medicine cabinet! šŸ˜¦ But at least we have a bath tub now! I LOVE bubble baths!


Now: added shower curtain, over toilet shelves, some storage cubes under the sink and I’m working on storage for behind the door.
above the toilet. I’m eventually going to add a board to this crate so that there is another shelf.


the top of the toilet wasn’t flat so I propped up an old Pepsi crate for a few things- it also works as decor!


absolutely no counter space! I hung a cute basket for soap above the sink.
with no counter space I had to get creative on where to put the soap!



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