Spouse-Friendly Decorating :: Day 28

Getting married/being married provides a whole new set of decorating dilemmas and worries. In general men don’t care too much about decorating but I’m sure most don’t want to live in a pink lace covered fairy house.

My husband is the most important person in my life (after Jesus Christ of course) and I want him to feel at home in our home. He really doesn’t mind my decorating choices, though sometimes he doesn’t understand certain choices like my deer head vase, and told me he honestly didn’t care how I decorated.IMG_5881My style isn’t too girly anyway, but I still wanted him to contribute to something. So as a new wife I took his favorite color, red (which is not my favorite color) and incorporated that into our kitchen. I chose red small appliances and dish cloths and a red shelf. I fell in love with our red kitchen and it made him happy too!

My best advice to you wives out there (who are like me and don’t have the space to give your husband a real man cave) is to incorporate the things he likes in to your home. A color, art, his books, etc. I incorporated his favorite color in the kitchen and I hung a gallery wall of some of his favorite movie and shows in the office. We are also making some wall art together out of photos we took during our backpacking trip. Some day I hope that we have room for a man cave/office he doesn’t have to share with my craft supplies and guest room things!

We have Breaking Bad, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and then I had to throw in a Mr. Darcy meme.

Well, the decorating pros weighed in on Spouse Friendly Decorating over at View Along The Way and they have some great advice! I really enjoyed reading their thoughts, check it out!


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