Decorating Seasonally in a Small Space :: Day 26

Decorating seasonally means having to store a dozen large plastic bins full of bunnies and flags and ornaments, right? Nope!

I mean, you could totally do it that way, I have a couple boxes of holiday decor, but I don’t have room to store decorations for every single season and holiday. Here are some things I do to keep my seasonal decor from taking over the closet while still having a festive home.

  • Limit your storage totes. I think I have two boxes and one large plastic tote dedicated to seasonal decorating. (The large tote is all Christmas because it’s my favorite holiday.) If we have more space in the future I may allow myself more boxes but right now a box limit helps me not go overboard on pretty pumpkins and sparkly ornaments.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Nature provides beautiful decor that is renewable each year! So fill a jar with acorns, a vase with spring flowers, some evergreen branches on the mantle, and then throw them out when the season is over-no storage necessary!

  • Make your decorations multitask. I love how the vases in the picture above can be used for any season! Try not to buy season specific basics-like vases or blankets or napkins- that will need to be stored for most of the year. Instead fill your home with things that can easily be reused for each season. You can add quick updates like ribbon napkin rings or cute bunny folds to nod to the season.

  • Chalkboards. This is one of my favorite decorating tricks! I hung a big blackboard over my dining table and it serves as the decorating focal point in that area. With some colored chalk and some creativity (or Pinterest inspiration) I can have a new piece or art every season and holiday! (I use chalkboards for decorating parties and weddings too!)
  • Gallery wall. This is sorta the same idea as the blackboard in that you can change up the images or words in the frames. When it’s time to change things up you wont need to look for a safe place to store the old pictures, just move them behind the new picture and leave it in the frame! You can find lots of free holiday and quote printables on Pinterest for your gallery wall! (and I love how this gallery wall has mirrors in it-more light makes the space brighter and feel bigger!)

  • Wreath. I have one wreath and I use it year round because I love it so much. I made it using burlap pieces and i fancy it up in a new way every season or just leave it in it’s plain neutral beauty. Right now I have some (real Oregon) Fall leaves stuck in it (thanks to my MIL!).

    My wreath is faded from being outdoors so long (time to remake it!) but here’s a similar one. I LOVE the ribbon!
  • Don’t get cluttered! A few awesome pieces go a long way in a small space! Don’t be afraid to leave some empty space- like breathing room between awesomeness!
    This is perfect! Use of NATURAL pumpkins and flowers, REUSABLE vases, and plenty of SIMPLICITY and BREATHING ROOM.

  • Reversible Pillows. I don’t like to store pillow cases only to bring them out once a year. Pillows are one of my “basic things” I want to work with every season. But sometimes you run across a pillow that is too awesome to pass up. Solution? Sort of like my gallery wall idea, put a different pillow case over it! Just leave the pretty holiday case on the pillow and slip another one over it. That is some very sneaky storage if i do say so my self! I have also made a two sided pillow. One side has the definition of “HOME” for everyday, but flip it around and “BELIEVE” is there for the Christmas season!
  • DON’T go small scale. It sounds counter-intuitive, but in a small space go BIG where you can! Larger pieces can actually make the room feel larger. I’m not sure how that works, but it does! For instance, I always get the biggest Christmas tree our space and budget can afford! So if you are going to make a “Give Thanks” Banner, make it big and fill the space. Or one Big pumpkin as a centerpiece can have more impact than a pile of small ones.
    Big and simple. source
    our tree last year
    our tree last year


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