Sneaky Storage :: Day 25

~This month I’ve been covering Decorating Dilemmas for renters and small space livers. It’s been awesome! But with one week left I’m feeling stretched for topics- is there something I haven’t covered? Is there something you want me to show you or give my opinion on? Leave a comment!

Our apartment has a great amount of storage for an apartment, but somehow there still isn’t enough room! (First world problems…) This is when it’s time to get sneaky!

  • Instead of a coffee table, use a few storage ottomans pushed together with a tray on top. Storage and cuteness and extra seating! I like these simple ones from Target, they are pretty reasonably priced and it would be easy to recover them with fun fabric.
  • Or try using a trunk! Sometimes you can find these for great deals at thrift stores.
  • Create a Makeshift Closet!
  • Under the bed! This doesn’t sound too sneaky because it’s a typical dumping ground for junk, but what if it were organized?  Stores sell under the bed storage containers but if you’re tight on money boxes work too! I cut a couple moving boxes to the right height and added some rope handles.
  • Look Up! Use your storage space all the way to the ceiling! Use tall bookshelves and hang wall shelves high!


  • Look Low! Baskets under the coffee table, under the kitchen sink below the dining room table even? A table cloth can hide some storage from sight.
  • On top of the fridge. Magazine holders can be a cute and awesome way to organize the top of your fridge! I found cute dollar ones at Target or you could make your own out of cereal boxes! You can also store your pretty vases, pitchers and platter there.
  • Doors and cabinets. Over the door hooks for bags and coats, shoe caddies for cleaning supplies, magazine holders on your cupboard doors. so many possibilities for these unassuming portals!
    and don’t forget behind the door! I love where they stored their belts!

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