Things to Make Your Home “Homey” :: Day 24

~This month has flown by! I’ve really enjoyed writing about Decorating Dilemmas this month, but my brain is running out of ideas (at least ideas I can show you, I have plenty of Before and Afters I’d like to do but no time or money to do them :/ ) so if there is a decorating dilemma you want me to talk about or research or give my opinion on – leave a comment! ~

I was sitting in our living room thinking about how temporary rental living feels and got to wondering, How do you make a rental feel homey on a small budget? I feel at home in my apartment, it’s my place of rest and relaxation, where I feel safe and it’s where my husband is. I looked around and tried to think of things that I do/have done to make this little apartment feel “homey” and here’s what I cam up with:

  • Candles. There is something wonderful about candles. Even though they don’t give off (much) heat, they warm up a room. They set a calm mood and the scents are wonderful for relaxing or energizing or even remembering. (I have a candle that smells exactly like my memory of Oregon Fall.) I keep lots of candles on hand and often light them in the evening as we wind down for the day. I also like to have at least one candle burning when I have company over.
  • Art. I have a few paintings hung up around my home. They are all gifts from my mom (she’s a fantastic artist). Art ads some extra personality to your home. I change up the art on my walls from time to time, switching whats on the wall with what’s in storage. Art doesn’t have to be expensive or professional. You could find something you like at the thrift store, someone might gift it to you, you could buy a mass produced piece from Ross, or make some of your own.

    I hung this piece by my mom in our hallway. This is the only bit of wall space in our short hallway and it needed a little love too. BTW, this photo does NOT do this painting justice.
  • Photographs. I love having the faces of those I love smiling down at me from the walls. Pictures remind me of good times, provide conversation starters and leave my mark on my home. I also like having picture albums stored  near the couch where I can easily grab them or share with a friend.
  • Books. We have books everywhere. I was determined that all of our books would come with us in our big Texas move, and the collection is still growing. I don’t think you have to own a ton of books for your home to feel homey,  just displaying the ones you have is great! Books make me feel a room has been lived in, time was spent there reading, life was lived collecting those books. Each book has two stories: the one in it’s pages and the one telling how and why it’s on your shelf.
  • Pillows and Throws. I’m a big believer in lots of cozy blankets and fluffy pillows. I think a couch or bed feels naked with out at least one pillow. Okay, I do have a decorating limit to how many pillows can comfortably or reasonably fit on a couch or bed: you don’t want to have to remove pillows from the couch to be able to sit down or spend an hour making the bed! But I really do think that having a few pillows and also some throw blankets around make your home more comfortable for you and more welcoming for guests. I can’t tell you how many times I have been cold over and someone’s house and wished there was a blanket with in reach!

    our current layout in the bedroom. The chevron art and body pillow pattern don’t work together-but I do have a plan. The point is pillows: besides the ones we actually sleep on, I have two pillows on our bed. The Body pillow takes the place of two large pillows-I usually like to work in sets of 3.
  • A Pet. I love having my kitten to take care of and cuddle with. Yes I can cuddle and take care of the hubby, but a pet is just different, okay? Not everyone is a pet person or can afford a pet, but Watson sure does make my apartment feel homey and she even warm my feet at night.
  • Flowers. One of my favorite things is to have fresh flowers on the table. I use to be able to pick them from the garden at our last apartment, but here we have to buy them so I don’t have fresh flowers very often at all. What you can do instead is put fall leaves in a vase or  few artful sticks or some dried flowers. I have dried lavender next to my bed and in the kitchen. My MIL brought me some beautiful Fall leaves from Oregon when she visited (Texas has no pretty leaves *insert Becca’s grumpy face*) and I put a few on the table with my up-cycled Target pumpkins.
    This is my table set up for hosting our bible study


  • Tea Kettle. I always have my red tea kettle on the stove ready to make tea or hot coco. It’s an easy offering for guests, a cozy way to end a long day, and it reminds me of home because my mom always has a red kettle on her stove.

  • Plants. I don’t have any plants right now because I still need to make a spot where kitten can’t eat them, but I love having plants. I usually kill them so I like to buy succulents and I usually have a basil plant for cooking.

    I’d like to make a couple terrariums fir next to the window. source

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