Laundry Room Plan :: Day 20

Here is the layout of our current apartment. It isn’t drawn to scale (I can tell because our washer and dryer take up A LOT more space in that small room than in the picture).

uclubwaco2b1bMy in-laws gifted us with a used washer and dryer, and I was super excited!

Before we received the washer and dryer, I was using that room (probably about a 5’x5′ room) for storage and all the kitten stuff. Now that these beautiful machines are taking up all the floor space I need to get back my storage and make a spot to hide the litter box.

The litter box is a story for another day; I have a plan for it that includes extra storage in the kitchen but I haven’t found the right piece of furniture yet.

The laundry room is going to double as a pantry. I found the perfect shelves and brackets at IKEA last weekend so after doing some measuring, planning and persuading the hubby I’ll go back there and get them. But here is the best picture i can draw for you of the plan in my head.

2013-10-21Yes, i sketched that picture. Sketching helps e get a feel for the layout of a room and then I make a mood board to determine how to decorate it.

The colorful bin on the left is my color inspiration for the laundry room. I found it at the goodwill a long time ago and, even though it doesn’t match my color scheme in the house, because I loved it. Now I will get to put it’s prettiness to use!

Those are the brackets I found at IKEA. I love them because they are sturdy and their design also acts like bookends! Things won’t fall off the ends! They are $10 for a set of two, I’m thinking I’ll want 6 shelves to use as much wall space as possible for pantry things and storage.

The last picture on the right is a rag rug. I’ve been making one for a while out of old t-shirts and the laundry room will be the perfect place for it since I’m going with a colorful theme in there while the rest of my house stays neutral.

I”m excited to have one colorful room. I’m hoping it will make doing laundry more fun!


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