Where to Start? :: Day 18 (which perhaps should have been day 1)

Decorating can be confusing. Where to start? Am I even capable?

  1. First of all, forget comparing yourself to others. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t have to be Pinterest Perfect. Your home is yours, it should make you happy!
  2. What is the purpose of your home? what words do you want to describe it? (relaxing, safe, modern, colorful, fancy, welcoming, etc etc.) Maybe write a list of words for how you want your home to feel, function and look. It’s also good to think of “no” words- those things you don’t want to describe or find in your home.
  3. How you will want to use the space in the future? a year to 5 years from now. It’s just good to keep that in mind as families grow and needs change.
  4. Use what you have! Don’t like your lamps? Change out the lamp shade or spray paint the base. Create a gallery wall with pictures and art you already have.
  5. De-clutter. Get rid of stuff you don’t like and don’t use. Make room for pretties!
  6. Pinterest has been a great help to me in this. After pinning pictures for a while I began to notice a trend in them which allowed me to hone my style a bit. You could also cut out pictures from magazines or use your favorite store (mine’s Pottery Barn) for direction and inspiration.

Back in January I made my own list (as described in number 2) and it has helped me tremendously! I really encourage you to do the same!

Here are some of my words:

Comfortable, welcoming, bright (not necessarily colorfully bright), restful, organized, natural, safe, clean, purposeful, beautiful, put together, something sparkly in (almost) every room, a touch of industrial

My “no” words:

animal print, neon colors, sharp corners/pointy objects (i like more rounded shapes, they look more comfortable), black, formal, modern, cluttered

Now you may find things in my home that could be categorized under “no words” but I’m thinking more of the overall feel. I don’t want my home to feel formal or modern, I like browns not blacks, but you may find a pointy sided sunburst mirror in my home someday. Basically I want everything in my home to be useful or loved. If i don’t love it and it isn’t serving a purpose, it has to go.


Find more solutions to your Decorating Dilemmas under the 31 Days menu tab or by clicking the picture below!



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