Doing Double Duty :: Day 19

While renting one of our biggest problems is storage space. I showed you how to create a cute makeshift closet a few days ago but today I want to share a different idea: make a room pull double duty.


Does your dining room get much use? if not, make use of it! Transform it into an office space. Use a long table as a desk that can easily be pulled away from the wall to seat guests for dinner. Add wall shelves to store pretty baskets and boxes full of your office supplies along side pretty platters and bowls (which opens up more cabinet space in your kitchen!)


Is your bathroom tiny? Use a corner of your bedroom or office to create a vanity space.


How about your laundry room? Or is it a laundry closet? Add shelves! Store linens, cleaning supplies, canned goods, etc. We have a little walk in laundry room, but it barely has room to open the dryer door, that is right off the breakfast nook and kitchen. I’m planning to add shelves up the walls and make that room into a pantry as well! I’ll share my plan with you tomorrow.




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