DIY :: Day 17

I run into many people who are afraid to DIY. They explain that they aren’t artistic or crafty, they don’t have the time or money, etc.

I think anyone can be a DIYer! Maybe it’s not perfect, but YOU made it and that’s awesome.

Putting time and energy into a project instead of just buying from the store makes it more personal and can (really can!) save you money sometimes!

We don’t have a budget for decorating our apartment as I am still looking for more work. This has forced me to be creative. I’ve gotten free stuff off of Craigslist, I’ve mounted my own antlers, I’ve repainted frames, used books for decoration and begun making a t-shirt rug. I’m also working on wallpapering my wall for free, but more on that later.

You can be a DIYer too! Pinterest and fellow bloggers are making this easier than ever with step-by-step tutorials and video demonstrations. If it’s your first time or your nervous, pick something small. If you mess it up, try again! Making something should bring you a little happiness or at least a feeling of accomplishment when you’re finished.

Here are a few fun crafts that are easy, decorative and pretty!

How about a rope vase? You just need an empty bottle or jar, some hot glue and rope/twine!

Tutorial HERE

How about some paint chip art? Play with colors and patterns! You don’t have to make the one below, though it’s really cool!

Tutorial HERE

Here’s another pretty one for your empty bottles and glass vases, paint them pretty colors!

Tutorial HERE

I made a couple of these! Super easy! Seriously, this one is easy! I used some old books from the Goodwill! Get creative!

Tutorial HERE

Decorate your own Coffee Mug! In the below tutorial I used Sharpie, but nowadays I use a ceramic paint pen (found at any craft store) which stays on better over time.

Tutorial HERE

I have found lots more ideas that I want to try and have saved on my Craft Pinterest Board. Click around, but more importantly, CREATE SOMETHING!

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