Rejuvenate :: Yet another October Bonus Post

What do you do to rejuvenate after a long day? What do you do in your free time that fills you up? I was inspired to write this post by my cousin’s blog The Morning Mug where she listed some of her passions that fill up her happy tank. People, you need to think about this! Coming home from a long day and plopping down in front of the TV every night won’t fill you up. Not that watching your favorite shows is bad, but screen time every night won’t be as rejuvenating as exploring your passions/hobbies. Some times our passions take more energy than we have after work, but it is still important to do them! Schedule time to do them- seriously, go type it into your phone right now with a reminder beep!

Personally, I have a lot of free time right now. I only work twice a week (I am looking for more work) and the rest of the time is mostly my own. I spend A LOT of that time on my phone or on the computer on Pinterest, Imgur, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These things are fun but there are more important things I could be doing that are more rewarding than adding 50 more Pins to my Pinterest boards.

I avoid some of these things because I’m lazy and on the get-go they aren’t as entertaining as Pinterest, like my chores, and it’s so easy to get caught up in the mind-numbing-internet-entertainment world.

But a clean kitchen means I have room to bake.

A vacuumed floor makes my feet happy.

A clean home is relaxing to my busy-hardworking husband.

I also want to put more time into my hobbies/passions since right now I have the time for them. Here are some of those passions that rejuvenate me:

  • Reading the Bible and praying in the morning with my coffee by the window
  • crocheting things for myself and friends
  • crafting/DIY decorating
  • reading physical books (not online books/articles/ blogs, though I enjoy all of those and learn from them)
  • studying the Bible- digging out my college notes, study Bible and really digging into a passage
  • running/walking
  • writing letters
  • playing with Kitten
  • chatting with Jeff, going for walks with him
  • Talking with family or my bestie
  • bubble baths

I know life will get busy again very soon.  I need to form the habit of doing these things so that, even when life is crazy, I remember to have some “me time.”

What are your passions? What relaxes you? Make you happy and feel rejuvenated? Tell me about it!


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