Real Vintage Homemaking :: Day 15

Why do you decorate? Yes, it is pretty and fun- but is there more too it? I think there can and should be more.

This month I’ve been blogging about Decorating Dilemmas for Renters, but today I’m hitting on a subject that I think is applicable to everyone.

Decorating and organizing and everything like that is part of making a home. I personally want my home to be warm, welcoming and comfy alongside being practical and pretty. My style involves many vintage things- old windows, antique pictures, a great grandma’s chair. I think these things make my home feel loved, like gram’s old Bible with the loose pages.

You don’t have to like vintage things or that style, but I love what The Ultimate Homemaker has to say on the subject. It’s more than just things, it’s about creating a home for your spouse and family, a welcoming place for friends and visitors, it’s about imitating God in every way, even homemaking.

Please visit this article, I learned a lot from it!


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