Save Some Money, Craigslist & Thrift Shop Tips :: Day 12

When I look around my house, almost everything was bought from Goodwill, Craigslist, at a garage sale, on Clearance or it was a gift. Very rarely do I buy things bran new, mostly because we don’t have the money to do so but also because I like the hunt and the crafty side of re-purposing my finds. Take a look at my living room,

IMG_5357The exercise ball was a bran new purchase, as were a few books and my magazines, the magazine files on the shelf, the lamp was a college dorm room purchase i think, two of the candles, and the TV (but that was with wedding gift money so I don’t know if that counts.)

Here’s some of the bigger savings and where I got them:

  • shelves: $30 Craigslist
  • Coffee Table: $10 Craigslist
  • Couch: $75 Craigslist
  • Wingback Chair: $28 Goodwill
  • Crates (used as side tables): $10 garage sales
  • Mercury glass pumpkin (on shelf): $3.39 on 80% End of the Season Clearance!
  • Curtains: $14 Goodwill

One thing about shopping like this is that when I find good deals the things themselves are hardly ever perfect- meaning I will be putting some work in to them. For example I am going to slip cover both the couch and chair, paint the shelves and either paint or upholster the coffee table. But I only buy the good quality stuff (like that solid wood coffee table) or things I won’t mind taking paint to (like the shelves).

So how do I find good deals?

  1. One of my most popular posts ever details my Goodwill Tips and gives a great outline for saving money other places as well.
  2. I think the main key is to be patient. You most likely won’t find exactly what you want for the price you want to pay right away! So it’s okay to wait! It took almost a year before I found an espresso machine for less than $30 in good condition.
  3. With that in mind, check often! I (use to) go to Goodwill every week or every other week to check on their new stock. (I haven’t had much success with Goodwill here in Texas so I don’t go as often.) With Craigslist I browse it at least every other day. I have it on my smart phone so I check it even more often than that, which was good when I was specifically looking for a table. When really good deals show up on Craigslist it isn’t there very long. I was able to snatch our table and chairs for $15 half an hour after it was listed!
  4. When I go garage sale hunting I usually browse Craigslist for the sales that interest me most and that list what I want. I try to get there somewhat early if there is something specific I want so I can beat anyone else there who wants it too!
  5. While most of the good stuff is gone by Saturday afternoon, at garage sales this is when people are more ready to haggle and give you a fantastic deal!
  6. Check Craigslist’s FREE tab often. You never know what you will find! We got our precious kitten that way and just recently I drug home an old crib bed mattress spring.

Jeff shook his head when I bounced up to him with the Craigslist picture. What was I going to do with some old springs? But he couldn’t say no to FREE or to my excitement-such a good hubby. 🙂 The mattress was listed as free and curbside with an address so I got up early the next morning and drove across town to pick it up. I’m in love. I’ve always loved the antique industrial look of them when used as memo boards-which is exactly what I did with it!

IMG_5360It is really light so I just used my staple gun and tacked it to the wall. To attach things to it I dug into my craft box until I found some mini clothes pins (found in the craft section of Wallmart) that I bought forever ago just knowing I’d find the perfect use for them someday!

IMG_5378I love the texture it gives this wall and adds to the room. (check out my post about texture here.)

IMG_5368Find out how to make that burlap banner here.

Find more ideas and solutions for your Decorating Dilemmas here!



4 thoughts on “Save Some Money, Craigslist & Thrift Shop Tips :: Day 12

  1. Love your springs! I remember our first apartment on a college campus and how I had to be creative because money was tight and we couldn’t change much. You have a lot of creative ideas and it really is fun to be innovative and make it work! I wanted puddle curtains on the windows in my home now, but I was not going to pay upwards of $90 a panel. So I bought several of the 4 by 15 drop clothes and then cut them to the size I needed. I allowed enough room to puddle and have yet to hem them. You can’t tell they aren’t hemmed and I love the way they drape and I love that “linen” look they give me. And at only $15-16 per panel it is a much more inexpensive option. I had time to browse more of the 31 day participants today and have been enjoying catching up on your posts.

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