Pretty Pumpkins

My post about walls will need to wait. I was hoping to have a project done to share with you by today and it’s not even close… but I did do a smaller craft project I think you fellow-Autumn-lovers will appreciate.

Here in Texas I can’t find a single white pumpkin, and it’s infuriating! Last year I had about ten mini white pumpkins decorating every possible surface because I love them so much! Buying real pumpkins here in Waco is also way more expensive than I was expecting so I haven’t bought any supermarket orange pumpkins or colorful gourds either. But on one of my trips to Target I found some cheep lil fake pumpkins in their dollar bin and decided to make them pretty.

Those napkins and basket were on clearance too so they obviously had to come home with me 🙂
That little owl is a wax LED candle I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby!

I liked the large sparkly pumpkin except for the stem but, besides their shape, the small metallic pumpkins look all kinds of yuk (Sorry Target or you who like them! Just my taste.) So I pulled out my paint, hot glue gun and some twine and got to work.

First I pulled the big pumpkin’s stem off and hot glued hemp twine to it. and then I stuck it back in. I love it now!

Then  I gave the small pumpkins three coats of white paint. I made all my stroke vertical so that they ran parallel with the ridges. I painted a coat on the stems too so that non of the horrid metallic orange would peek through after wrapping their stems in twine.


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