Our First Apartment :: Day 8

What do I miss most about our first apartment? There are actually a few things:

The fireplace- so much decorating appeal, my huge love for brick, and warm fires in the fall.


Having a back yard- our apartment was in the basement of one of the professors from our college and their back yard was beautiful and a great retreat after a long day.

Our neighbors- living underneath a family with two little kids has it’s downsides (think sleeping under the playroom) but it also had perks that outweighed the tiny jumping feet- like just having to walk upstairs for some girl talk, chatting around the backyard fire, learning cooking tricks from Becky, occasionally borrowing their van (we only have one car), having a garden out back, laughing with little boys, random chats with Brian, and the list goes on.

Fall- Oregon Fall ❤ The rain, the chill, the colorful leaves, and pumpkin patches (where are all the pumpkins Texas?!)

Fall Must Haves and Must Dos!Fall Must Haves and Must Dos!

Salem- only living an hour from family, a great downtown area with a handful of great coffee shops, my bestie.

I learned a TON about small space living from our first apartment too. Check out the Small Space Living menu tab above and I’m sure I’ll rehash some of that in the coming 31 Days 🙂


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