Why Hide It? :: Day 7

Well, y’all get two posts today because I was silly and forgot to schedule my post yesterday! Check out the rest of the 31 Days here.

Being a renter often means dealing with limited closet space and a huge need for more storage. I’m usually a big fan of baskets, bins and hiding the mess away, but not always. Here are some beautiful ways to store and show off your things!

I love this display! With no closet space, why hide your cute bags and shoes? I love that shelf made out of shutters! The Re-purposed Life has a great tutorial on how to make them!


I don’t have enough space to have a large jewelry box so I’ll be making one of these pronto!


My bathroom had no cabinet space whatsoever. This tutorial gave me a great idea for storing things in a pretty way and in a slim enough frame to fit in a tiny bathroom without getting in the way.


Here’s another brilliant way to store and display your jewelry.


I always need more space for craft supplies, how cute is this? Use a wine rack to show off your pretty yarns or fabrics or ribbons or whatever else!


Open up space in your medicine cabinet and put your soaps, cotton balls, q-tips, etc in clear vases or jars for quick access and pretty storage.


Clear up some space in your kitchen cupboards by hanging some shelves and displaying your platters and dishes!


One of our few closets is the coat closet but its small and needed for storage. Hooks by the door are necessary for keys, coats and purses! And it can be decorative as well!


This was probably one of my best organizing purchases ever. My knife magnet frees up a drawer and I never likes sticking my hand into a drawer full of sharp things anyway!

A corner of my small kitchen.

Check out more Decorating Dilemmas (and some solutions) in the menu above or by clicking this picture 🙂



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