It Doesn’t Have to be Pinterest Perfect :: Day 6

I absolutely love Pinterest! Probably too much actually ( I may have something like 8,000 Pins…) but there are A LOT of good ideas that I’ve found if you want to check it out and follow me 😀

While there are so many perks to Pinterest, like tutorials and inspiration pictures, I often get discouraged. How could I ever make my home look like that? And then I’m just never happy with how it all looks.

But you know what, there will ALWAYS be a picture on Pinterest prettier than your living room, a closet more organized than yours, a recipe tastier than yours, and clothes cooler than yours.

If you love it, then it’s perfect!

I had a college roommate who loved the color orange and another who loved Paris, my mom loves artwork everywhere and I have a sister in love with Zebra stripes, I had a neighbor with musical instrument lamps and another with antique quilts. The point is, we are all different. Your home is just that- YOURS. It doesn’t need to be Pinterest Perfect and it doesn’t need to make other people happy. If, when you come home, you feel at home that’s all you need.

So allow yourself to let go, I know I need to. Stop comparing, start enjoying. Have fun decorating; make it mean something to you.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” is the motto of one of my favorite blogs, The Nester, who is actually hosting the 31 Days Challenge. She has some great posts about this, and her home is beautiful, but she’s honest about how it’s not perfect.

Check out more of my 31 Days HERE.



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