Working with White in a Colorful Way :: Day 5

I’m a lover of neutral colors. I think they create a great base to any room. Big furniture in neutral colors allow for easy seasonal switch ups and complete style revamps easily and more cheaply than going out and buying a new couch. I love adding pops of color in pillows, a stack of vintage books, art, and even curtains. These things can easily be replaced or re-made and the eye is drawn to them in a neutral room (aka- your boring white walls become a good canvas. Ever wonder why good art galleries are white?)


This room isn’t my style, but it makes great use of pops of color. Did you even notice the white walls? The plain white becomes a backdrop for the cool things in the room. My eye was first drawn to the flag, then the pillows and finally the rug. The color in this room  flows well and therefore draws you in and is inviting and fun!

Here’s a good tip: To get this look use 1-2-3 (like a pyramid)

  1. The least color at the top of the room- here we just have a piece of art.
  2. The middle of the room has more color and it is spread out nicely.
  3. The floor has the most color and it grounds the room.

Another fun way to add color to you rental/apartment is with the furniture!

I know, I know, yesterday I was talking about how I think it’s a smart idea to use neutral furniture as a foundation for the room (which I still hold to for people like me with no budget to change my couch anytime soon) but what about those things you can paint? What about slip covers?

A bright coffee table brings your eye to the center of the room and to the comfy couch-inviting!


Or how about a brightly colored-fun-patterned ottoman? See how the coral color is repeated around the room? Nice.


This dresser (being used in a living room, way cool) is awesome. It’s bright color demands you look at it and it’s pretty display instead of the white walls.


This little coffee table, pillow and shutter are great!


Or how about your bedding? A bright colorful quilt, pretty lamp shade and maybe some art. I’d sleep in that bed.


Decorating white while renting can be difficult. Paint is such an easy tool! But since we can’t paint the walls, paint some furniture! Change up your bedding, add some bright pillows, hang some art on the wall. And you know what, as long as you love it it’s great! Decorate for yourself, it’s your home.

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2 thoughts on “Working with White in a Colorful Way :: Day 5

  1. Wonderful ideas! And especially useful because I haven’t worked on developing an eye for interior design. I love that you took the time to explain how to look at the room, and how and why it’s working.

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