Work with the White :: Day 4

Usually in Apartment living you are stuck with white walls. Although Pinterest is full of minimalist white rooms, apartment white is just…blah.

So what to do?

If you like the neutral look, like me, go for lots of texture. Texture doesn’t just mean various fabrics and materials, it also means pattern and color.

Wait, but you said neutral, not color!

White, gray, brown, black all have different shades and hues. Mixing and layering neutrals will create texture and keep a room from falling flat.


For example, in this picture there is lots of texture but it all flows nicely together. Doesn’t that look like a warm cozy spot?  Neutral rooms can get a bad rap for being cold and unwelcoming- but that’s not always true!

In this picture we have 4 neutral colors: white, gray, brown, and the terracotta pot.

Now look at the fabrics and materials: we have a fluffy pillow over there to the left, linen pillow, burlap pillow, wood, bead board, terracotta.

Patterns: Solids, stripes, naturals (wood and pot)

There isn’t a perfect formula for mixing texture except keeping everything in the same color pallet.

Here is another great example of a warm cozy room, white walls but lots of neutral texture with a pop of color in the flower:


Moral of this story is that you can work with white! Just stick to your color pallet and add some texture!

If you remember yesterday I showed you my unfinished apartment- I’m using these tricks in creating the final product.

Tomorrow I’ll show you some colorful ways to deal with white! (Because even I need some color.)

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12 thoughts on “Work with the White :: Day 4

  1. Can you tell me where I can purchase this headboard? I have found some similar ones but not quite as elegant as this one on your pics.

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